27 Apr

Shower Mom With Some Thoughtful Gifts on Mother's Day

Flowers, candy, and lunch at her favorite restaurant are all familiar Mother’s Day traditions. Over the last year, we’ve all had to get creative in how we celebrate and give gifts. So, here are a few creative gift suggestions for kids to show mom just how much they appreciate her.

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These ideas don’t cost much money; it’s all about devoting more time.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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For younger kids, a drawing or handcrafted gift will brighten Mom’s day, long after May 10 is over. Buy a big jigsaw puzzle and solve it as a family. Quality time guaranteed.

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Teens: show her you understand why it’s important to clean your room, by tidying it up and giving mom a “gift card” that’s good for a couple of chores, such as doing the family laundry, taking care of younger siblings or cooking dinner.

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Dads: getaway for a few hours to enjoy nature and one another. If you’re trying to get fitter and eat healthier, Mother’s Day is a great time to start a new routine. It will be good for your muscles and minds, while you explore more of the world around you. 

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What about giving mom something that will keep her hydration top-of-mind as she’s running around managing your family's world? HidrateSpark smart water bottles are the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day. Now is the perfect time with 20% off bottles and Wave with Code: MOMS20. Don’t take it from us, here’s what a few happy mom’s had to say.

Brittney Kelley says, “I absolutely love my HidrateSpark STEEL bottles, and now that I am pregnant I need it more than ever. I have always struggled to drink enough water throughout the day, but with my daily glow alerts I never forget. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I went into the app and easily changed my settings to tell them that I was pregnant. It instantly updated personal hydration goal that has helped me ensure that I am staying hydrated for me and my baby. It was that simple! Overall HidrateSpark is amazing! Their bottles, nutritional supplements, and free app has truly helped me stay up with my hydration habit, especially now that I am drinking for two!”

Meg Klaassen adds, "I've always had the hardest time drinking water -- I will almost always reach for something else first. But when I found out I was pregnant, my doctor really stressed hydration, so I knew I had to really keep an eye on it for the health of myself and my baby. I turned on the pregnancy feature in the HidrateSpark App as soon as I got home, and I was honestly surprised to see the effect on my water goal!”

So, happy Mother’s Day to all moms, foster moms, and furbaby moms. Whether you’re safely gathering with family or staying distant, we hope that you have a wonderful day.

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