28 Jan
16 Jan
09 Jan

3 Tips: How to Spend More Time Outside

Who hasn’t gotten lectured by a parent or grandparent bemoaning your behavior?  “No one goes outside anymore, it’s those darn phones, everyone is addicted to social media…” It can be frustrating to listen to, but there is some truth to it.

23 Dec

Fun Facts about Water in the Body

If you take care of yourself and don’t run into any major issues, you can expect to live well into your 70’s and even beyond. Taking care of yourself means drinking all the water you need to stay ...

18 Dec
16 Dec
10 Dec

Available at Apple

Even More Panache on the Path to Better Health; HidrateSpark 3, the World’s Smartest Water Bottle Arrives in U.S. Apple Stores Nationwide and on Apple.com with New Color and Glow Combinations Excl...

09 Dec

Available at Macy's

Yes, Virginia…  It was instant magic when Macy's became the first American department store to feature a Santa Claus during the Christmas season. He appeared at the Herald Square store in 1862.  N...

09 Dec